You guys wanna know about us right?

Bagelnoob- The first game I ever owned was Pokemon Blue. I had it  on a see through purple Gameboy Color (haha remember how freaking cool those looked?) and it jumpstarted my interest in Pokemon to a level that I never thought it would. I have gone to events, participated in TGC tournaments, and have battled and traded with other trainers all over the world so when Pokemon Go was released and the yearlong wait where Nyancourt and I sat patiently twiddling our thumbs was over we just had to jump in that time machine of nostalgia that came with Pokemon Go and create this podcast for the community that we love and have been a part of for over 15 years. 

Nyancourt- I've been a poké nerd all my life. Obsessively owning damn near every game, watching the anime, to collecting, trading, & showcasing all of the poké cards!(aw, I remember the first binder my mom bought me to stay organized!). As Noob said, Pokémon has been bringing people together since 1996, while still remaining unstoppable. Seeing it come this far has me so stoked and feeds the passion behind throwing my all into this real deal experience that Pokémon Go has to offer now and in the future! I plan on doing my best to keep this journey moving forward! I am so pumped to travel, make new friendship, create new moments and hopefully train with you guys in your cities! Pokémon never disappoints and neither will this Site! :D